Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW

Through the years, my experience has covered psychiatric, medical, rehabilitative, children’s partial care, school systems, and outpatient services. During that time, I have worked with almost every age group. For many years, I have worked as a school therapist. This has been a very gratifying and humbling experience to work with children and partner with families to provide the tools necessary for growth.

As a clinician, I feel honored to join you on this journey of healing. Counseling provides the insight necessary to work on the issues that are a barrier between you and living your best life.

The techniques of sand tray and play therapy can be incorporated with other modalities to provide supportive interaction and enhance communication for children, adolescents, teens, families, and individuals. The use of humor and joy also goes a long way in reconnecting to the ‘true’ self, and strengthening family bonds.

An area of specialization is Adoption and Attachment, and the issues and concerns that arise for all members of the Adoption Triad.